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Corporate Finance - Financial Analysis - M&A

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SFDS assists your Company in its strategic financial decisions around Capital Budgeting, Capital Structure, Working Capital Requirements & Dividend Distribution.

SFDS provides its expertise to analyze and improve whether your entity financial stability, solvency or profitability to warrant a monetary investment.

SFDS partners with you to better consolidate your assets through various types of financial transactions including mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, tender offers, purchase of assets and management acquisitions.

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P&L management

SFDS has a tremendous experience & expertise in P&L management which involves us overseeing the incoming cash (business income-sales revenues), the outgoing cash flow (business expenses) to gain a net operating profit for your business using whether cash accounting method (immediate recognition of revenue & expenses) or accrural method (anticipated revenue & expenses). Our goal is to maximize your profits and minimize your expenses respecting our customers’ financial plans.

Top Line & Bottom Line management

With always the same focus of "making your Company richer tomorrow than yesterday", we assist our customers to make their sales revenues (first line of their P&L sheet) better and better, and manage this one in the most efficient way using different sales approaches depending on the nature of their business (MRR – Monthly Recurring Revenue - right customers segments/channels/routes to market/international development,…). For the Bottom Line, we value and monitor all your expenses in terms of OPEX & CAPEX respecting your financial objectives.

Corporate Finance optimization

In this field, our expertise is to figure out and assist you on the way to optimize Corporate Finance 4 pilars : Capital Budgeting (ascertaining funding requirements, judging feasibility and profitability of investment decisions), Capital Structure (working on whether to opt for debt, equity or a mix of both), Working Capital Requirements (managing capital requirements for day-to-day operations) and Dividend Distribution (ascertaining whether to distribute dividends or hold profits towards retained earnings).

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Corporate Financial Analysis

Our financial analysis experts help fund managers to make future business decisions or review historical trends for past successes (relying on these ones to build the future) and assist investors to choose or select the best possible investment opportunities. This is done through the synthesis of our customers financial numbers and data (income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement) through horizontal or vertical analysis. We conduct whether fundamental analysis – using ratios and financial statement data to determine the intrinsic value of security or technical analysis – assuming a security’s value is already determined by its price, and it focuses instead on trends in value over time.

Investment Financial Analysis

SFDS conducts analysis for investment purposes using whether a top-down or bottom-up investment approach. In a top-down approach, SFDS first looks for macroeconomic opportunities such as high-performing sectors and then drills down to find the best companies within that sector. We further analyze the stocks of specific companies and their fundamentals.  In a bottom-approach, SFDS first looks at a specific company and conducts a similar ratio analysis to the ones used in Corporate Financial Analysis (above), looking at past performance and expected future performance as investment indicators. In Bottom-up investment, we focus for our customers in microeconomic factors (company’s overall financial health, analysis of financial statements,…)

Cash Management

SFDS helps its customers to better manage their cash, which is an important current asset for business operations as it represents the basic input that keeps business running continuously and smoothly. Our focus is to provide to our customers our added-value in mainly 3 areas in terms of : budgeting/budgeting cash flow (which method to use), managing the flows and investing surplus cash (how much, where and how).

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Corporate Valuation

SFDS assists you in the process of determining the value of a business entity. Valuation is essential for M&A, where a sound decision has to be made regarding at what price to acquire a company. We use different valuation methodologies, yielding different results and used in different situations. In this process of valuation, SFDS identifies its value-generating units and formulate strategies for growth. IPO, portfolio management and tax assessment are also areas where we assist you as we are aware that these ones are areas that involve a lot of corporate valuation. 

Tax Planning

SFDS provides its expertise in Taxation. Indeed the choice of a particular structure for an M&A has major income-tax implications for both the buyer and the seller. Part of our mission is to help our customers to figure out and understand the fundamentals and potential impacts of building a successful M&A tax planning (which structure is more favorable for you as a company and as an individual).

Post M&A integration 

This aspect is part of the M&A game-plan. Once your Company whether has merged with or acquired another one, the question is what do we do now? This is what we do call the integration part. In this scope SFDS works with its customers before the M&A deal is done in planning for the successful integration and management of the newly combined organizations. We assist our customers to look and analyze deeper not only the financial implications of combining organizations but also the structural, cultural and social implications of M&A. 

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