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Sales - Marketing - Entrepreneurship 

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By outsourcing your sales force to SFDS, we guarantee your success and sales revenues growth.

We provide to our customers a range of marketing services from the construction of their strategy to the implementation of their field operations…And we offer much more …

SFDS expertise in Entrepreneurship will assist you in the creation and development of your company but moreover how to generate the first sales revenues.

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Sales forecasting & pipeline management using Sales Force

The success of your sales depends on producing and providing accurate forecasts. SFDS offers to its customers unrivaled know-how in the sales forecasts preparation through our Excel tools and the utilization of Sales Force (SFDC) software. Thanks to this one, we guarantee our customers the best forecasts. Of course, we manage the entire sales cycle from prospection to sales closing. We monitor our customers sales on daily basis to ensure an updated sales pipeline. We offer a full pre-sales & post-sales management top notch service.

B2B sales cycles & Channels development

SFDS provides to its customers sales experts specialized in B2B and retail in different vertical markets whether you want to sell products or services. Our top 3 main fields of expertise are in IT, cosmetics and luxury businesses from “low-end to high-range products/services” . As we deeply master the sales processes, we have extended through the years our sales expertise portfolio to other business fields such as healthcare, agro-agri, solar, manufacturing,…Our strength relies on a quick business execution. We identify for you the best routes to market (from distributors to added-value resellers) in order to generate revenues. 

Sales analytics & performance development

At SFDS our priority is our customers’ satisfaction. To achieve the objectives set with our customers, we deeply analyze the different stages of the entire sales cycle but also put in place a set of KPIs in order to monitor and track all the sales data. Sales analysis is key in order to follow the business, close won deals, and serves as a basis of performance development. 



BDF & MDF budgets staging & management

Cornerstone of marketing, we assist our customers to build their budgets. Whether this budget is to develop the sales (BDF) or the awareness (MDF) of your company, we establish the fairest budget using different models. We provide you with the necessary tools to best manage your marketing revenues and expenditures. As a fundamental piece of your company’s success, we overlook the adequate use of your marketing funds once established and defined. 

Market Survey Analysis

SFDS carries out the most appropriate market studies for you based on the data you require. Whether it is a quantitative or qualitative market survey analysis, we have the experience and expertise to meet your expectations. At your disposal, we have a bunch of different tools and methodologies to ensure the best market data collection to build a comprehensive market survey which will assist you to build your strategy and figure out the best decisions in terms of market development. 

Loyalty programs implementation

This step, often neglected by our customers, is key as it somehow completes the sales cycle but above all allows you to build your next fiscal year forecast. Whether you are on a classic or an online or an hybrid sales model, SFDS is at your side to build with you the best loyalty program according to the sector in which you operate. 



Define your Business model

SFDS expertise in Entrepreneurship will serve you to define your business model. After you have identified your business ideas generation & prioritization, we assist you in defining your key partners, activities and resources as well as you value proposition, customers relationships & segments, channels, P&L structure and also figuring out your most relevant/critical assumptions (of potential success & failures)

Build and implement a Business Plan 

Our experience will assist you in the construction (elaboration) and the implementation of your business plan. At first, we guide you in staging your business model, vision & strategic objectives, defining your targeted market and developing your financial plan. Then we put in place different tools : KPIs & Dashboards, action plans, monthly budget to monitor expenses and revenue of your venture,…With a final objective : your success as an entrepreneur.

Raise funding consultancy & Pre-IPO Consulting

SFDS assists entrepreneurs to prepare their pitch and financial projections. Using our calculation metrics, we prepare you to the growth stages and funding rounds to be successful with a potential investor and prepare all the calculations from start-up capitalization, CEO options, Option Pool excl.CEO, Angel Round, Series A,B,C Rounds to Exit as well as amount of financing, vesting period and board representation and other metrics such as cash-on-cash multiple or IRR for which investors we’ll look at. We coach our customers with Q&A sessions to understand which criterias are important for a VC firm to invest and how to convince them. 

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