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Coaching Managers
Executive Coaching for C-Level Managers

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Excellence for Managers & Top Management

Optimize your resources and profits with SFDS, specialists in International Business Development & Management. We can help you with all your issues by providing tailor-made training in Strategy, Finance, Business Development and Supply Chain. Our teams work internationally: France, USA, China, Africa, Southern Europe and Middle East. SFDS puts you in touch with quality professionals such as its partner FIVE CONSEIL. SFDS trains your managers and administrators with executive coaching to fine-tune know-how and interpersonal skills. Our aim? Encourage greater involvement and innovation to stay competitive by giving your teams more responsibility while strengthening their trust and collaboration. SFDS soon in the Metaverse, a unique 100% online experience.

Train your managers and optimize
your ressources and profits

Customized courses delivered by specialists in International Business Development & Management

International training in French and English 

In Strategy, Finance, Business Development and Supply Chain

Executive coaching for top & C-Level managers

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Training for Small and Medium Businesses

Qualiopi certified (National Quality Standard)

Face-to-face or online training

​Customized training


Unique learning experience 
in the Metaverse

Unique experience 100% online

A unifying training community 

Interactive and stimulating training

" In the face of current economic challenges and all the upheavals
we are experiencing, training is more than ever a priority.
A priority for all employees, but also for managers! "

Interview with Ian Corns,  CEO SFDS / Specialist in International Business Development & Management 

For more information, please contact us,

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