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Coaching Individuals & future Entrepreneurs

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Become the professional you want to be

To meet the needs of professionals wishing to acquire or strengthen their skills, SFDS offers 100% online tailor-made training delivered by experienced tutors with recognised expertise in the fields of Strategy, Finance, Business Development and Supply Chain. Train yourself to lead your team to success, by responding effectively to the demands of the business world. Join SFDS soon in the Metaverse, a unique 100% online experience.

Professional training to meet
your expectations

Customized courses delivered by specialists in International Business Development & Management

International training in French and English 

Face to face or online courses

In Strategy, Finance, Business Development and Supply Chain

Executive coachingo to manage your teams successfully

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Unique learning experience 
in the Metaverse

Unique experience 100% online

A unifying training community 

Interactive and stimulating training


  • 10th July - 30th September
    Kwark Acadamy, business school 100% online
    10th July - 30th September
    Kwark Acadamy, business school 100% online
    Mastere Supply Chain-Achat in partneship with Kwark Academy, business school 100% online. >Admissions between 10th of July and 30th of september 2023.
  • 6th July - 30th September
    6th July - 30th September
    This agreement will take effect on 10th of July 2023. It will enable the two companies to strengthen their respective areas of expertise and to offer their customers (companies, business schools, etc.) 100%online training programmes using innovative, cutting-edge technologies such as the Metaverse.
  • September 2012 - Today
    September 2012 - Today
    SFDS optimise training programmes in strategy, finance, business development and supply chain with courses in French and English at MASTER & MBA ACADEMIC LEVEL. The top schools that place their trust in us : DC, EMN, ESCE, ESG, ESSEC, INSEEC, ISG, ISTEC.
  • Mon, 18 Sept
    18 Sept 2023, 00:00
    Mr. Ian Corns, Chairman of SFDS is pleased to announce that he has agreed to be the Honorary Chairman of the EM Finance Club, an association bringing together the most financially motivated students at EM Normandie.
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