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Supply Chain - Logistics - Purchasing

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SFDS provides you the toolkit to master and control your supply chain, which is the fundamental part of your global strategy.

Backbone of the supply chain, Logistics (Warehousing & Transport) plays a major role in your day-to-day business operations. In this scope, SFDS assists your company to define a comprehensive and sustainable logistics strategy.

Upstream of the Supply Chain, we help our customers to build an effective and sustainable purchasing strategy.

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Supply Chain audit

SFDS assists you to carry out a comprehensive audit. To proceed we build for our customers a repository (framework/benchmark template) from which we compare their processes/flows and identify their differences in order to stage the right paths for improving your processes. To execute our audit we structure it around 3 key stages : analyze the current scenario, analyze the data and propose improvements.

Supply Chain strategy & implementation

SFDS provides you the necessary components and skills to establish the overall game plan on how your company will manage its supply chain in order to achieve its business goals. We help you about the decisions you have to take : which suppliers to use? which products to make or buy? how to move goods through the supply chain? where to store materials?...Bearing in mind the notions of cost, quality and speed at each link in the chain. Once you have decided a supply chain strategy, you need to put it in place. At SFDS, we assist you in this implementation phase to take and make the right decisions facing some considerations such as : what is the scope of the strategy? (will it encompass the entire supply chain or just certain parts), what are the goals of the strategy? Who will be responsible to implement it? How do you implement it? (at once or phased?), what metrics will you use to measure success?

S&OP (Sales & Operations Planning)

As a process of developing tactical plans that gives you the ability to strategically direct your activities to achieve a competitive advantage, our goal at SFDS is to assist you to regularly integrate customer-focused marketing plans for new and existing products into your supply chain. The main goal of this process is to determine what and how much your customers will buy, and your ability to meet that demand. A second goal of the process is to align plans with financial goals. At a minimum, this means that financial goals may need to be revisited, but there are several strategic solutions that allow the organization to increase sales or reduce costs. At SFDS, our expertise will help you to put all this set in place.



Logistics strategy & deployment

Our team supports you in staging your logistics strategy by identifying plans, goals and policies between partners across your supply chain. We assist you to put in place the right logistics approach in order to deploy it efficiently respecting your constraints and legal issues in the fields of Production, Sales and/or Procurement logistics.

Logistics platforms management 

SFDS helps you to figure out the best way to manage your warehouses (WMS – Warehouse Management System) and Transports (TMS – Transport Management System) and dimension the appropriate tools with the scope of optimizing yor ressources. 

Logistics analysis & forecasts 

SFDS assists you to set up the technical planning which will enable you to manage the flow of goods or information through various business channels including packaging, shipping, warehousing and distributing. We review each stage in this process in order to maximize the opportunity in terms of return on value and economic wealth creation.



Sourcing strategy / Strategic sourcing

Our expertise will allow you to establish a successful sourcing strategy using a multiple-step approach: spend analysis, supplier market share analysis, supplier-spend share analysis, procurement organization’s demand, category risk analysis and vendor qualification. For every sourcing strategy we work on, having the right data and insights is key. For the strategic sourcing, SFDS assists you in the process of identifying, evaluating, and selecting suppliers that can provide goods or services that meet your company's needs at the lowest total cost of ownership while maintaining high-quality standards.

Inventory Management analysis & optimization

Once your company has purchased the products bearing in mind the 7R rule (Right product, at the Right time, to the Right customer, at the Right price, to the Right customer, with the Right channel and the Right promotion), it is time to attack one of the supply chain hooking point : IM (Inventory Management). On this area, you can rely on us to help you to manage the best way your raw materials, components and finished products as well as warehousing and processing of such items. Moreover, we assist you to efficiently streamline your inventories to avoid both gluts and shortages. Knowing that stock represents a valuable costs, we try to minimize its cost impact on your P&L.

Six Sigma & Lean Management consultancy & implementation

With an objective of permanent improvement (Six Sigma) and optimization (Lean Management) of performance, we help you to implement Six Sigma through DMAIC methodology or/and Lean Management through 5S methodology.

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